Thursday, October 8, 2009

Phils trailing 3-0, Utley's struggles continue... time for demotion?

The Phillies are down 3-0 in the fourth inning of game two. It seems like after dominating the Rockies in game one, that they've taken this game for granted thus far. With Cole Hamels on the mound and their success against Aaron Cook in the past, it'd be easy to possibly look past this match-up and prepare to take care of business in Colorado. Hopefully they get something going offensively, and fast.

Chase Utley has been the early disappointment of the postseason so far. His terrible September was well documented, but he's looked bad through a game and a half. He's struck out looking three times. The team can't afford that from their number three hitter in the playoffs. If he doesn't turn it around, it may be time for Charlie to make a move in the lineup. It's time to put the best possible lineup out there which gives you the best chance to win. If Utley's struggles continue, Jayson Werth could fill in the three hole nicely and either Raul Ibanez or Utley could occupy the fifth spot. The third hitter in the lineup is a crucial position and is supposed to sport the team's best hitter. Right now, that's not Utley.

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