Monday, October 5, 2009

Lidge adds a cutter; Good time or bad time?

In what is likely a move of desperation, Brad Lidge adds a third pitch, a cut fastball, to his arsenal just in time for the postseason. Is now the best time to experiment with a new pitch?

The postseason is all about establishing a consistent effort every day. Maybe a cut fastball could give hitters something else to think about, other than just his fastball or slider. Generally, a third pitch is a good idea for a pitcher to use, if for nothing else than to keep hitters from sitting on your other two pitches and to keep them guessing. But Lidge used the pitch for the first time on Saturday. Now the postseason is starting.

One wild pitch in the eighth or ninth inning of a game with a non-established pitch could make the difference between a playoff win or loss. It's frightening that he will be throwing a pitch that he hasn't mastered yet when a playoff game is on the line. Here's to hoping the cut fastball is filthy and just what he needs to stifle batters again, but I doubt it.

Check out Todd Zolecki's blog for more about Lidge's cutter.

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