Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bullpen, Utley cost Phils Game 2

So the Phillies have a 2-0 series lead after Pedro pitching an outstanding game as they head back to Philly. Huh? No, I guess I missed that; did I fall asleep? I wish that I had.

That was a brutal way to lose a game. Three key plays in a row in the eighth inning, all going in favor of the Dodgers, allowed LA to tie the series at 1-1. The lead-off hit than clanked off Pedro Feliz's glove and into left field, the bunt that eluded Chan Ho Park and Ryan Howard and Chase Utley's costly throwing error for a second consecutive game, botching a tailor made double-play.

Utley is costing the team right now. He started very slowly in the series against Colorado but picked it up by coming up with some big hits and putting together good at bats. But despite the defensive lapses, Utley is hitting .125 through the first two games of this series. Something has to give, but the good thing is, no one knows that more than Chase. He's either too tired to preform at a high level right now, or he will correct it. Let's hope it's the ladder.

Pedro Martinez was unbelievable. He was absolutely outstanding through seven innings. There's just nothing else to say. Seven shutout innings, allowing only two hits; that's incredible. He's been here before and has turned into a genius signing for Ruben Amaro Jr.

The Phillies still took home field advantage away from the Dodgers and they still have Cliff Lee taking the hill in Philly tomorrow. Now, Jimmy Rollins and Utley need to start hitting, our bullpen needs to shape up and Philly' hitters need to hit LA's bullpen.

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