Friday, October 16, 2009

Chooooch and Rauuulll make home field advantage ours

Last night's Game 1 victory over the Dodgers was huge for the Phils. They've taken home field advantage from LA and can play pressure free in today's Game 2. Best case scenario: they head back to Philadelphia with a 2-0 lead and a strangle hold on the series. Worst case scenario: they do exactly what they set out to do in the first place, which is take one of the games in LA. Mission accomplished.

If last night's three run blast from Raul Ibanez is a sign of things to come, this series is over. Ryan Howard is raking at the plate, and if Ibanez returns to his mid-season form at any point in the postseason, the opposition is in trouble. Carlos Ruiz, along with being an excellent catcher, is absolutely clutch in the playoffs. He came through time after time at the dish in the 2008 postseason, and he's doing it again.

Cole Hamels needs to grow up and act like an ace of this staff. He's a father now, he owns a World Series ring and MVP, but yet he still acts like a prima donna child. Yes, Chase Utley made a terrible throw on a potential inning ending double play, but that doesn't give Hamels an excuse to show up his teammates by throwing his hands in the air. He needs to bear down and get Manny Ramirez out. He thinks he's the best pitcher in the world, and if that were true then he shouldn't be worried about facing Manny with a runner in scoring position. He should show everyone how good he is by striking Manny out. Instead, he threw three consecutive change-ups, the third of which hasn't landed yet, and threw a temper tantrum in the dugout. C'mon Cole, act like a professional and start to pitch like it.

Hey Manny... RUN DUMMY!

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