Monday, October 19, 2009

Cliff Lee you are the man! 11-0

Cliff Lee is one of the best signings in club history. He's been unbelievable while stripping Cole Hamels of his ace stature. Last night's 11-0 victory over the Dodgers came in a crucial Game 3. Even more crucial, the offense broke out the bats after being silenced in Game 2, and Lee dazzled in his third consecutive dominant postseason to start. It's hard to believe those three starts are his only career postseason appearances; he seems like a seasoned veteran who has been here before.

Ryan Howard is having the best postseason of his career by far, while Carlos Ruiz continues to show how clutch he is when the meaningful games roll around. He's a good hitter; he just doesn't have the time to dedicate to his offense during the season, while he's too busy handling the pitching staff. He's a busy man when the playoffs come around.

Jayson Werth continues to show how valuable he is (yes I considered saying showing his werth but I didn't do it). He snapped out of his hit-less NLCS in a big way in the first inning last night with a two-run blast to center field.

It was great to give the bullpen, minus Chad Durbin's one inning, the night off. After blowing Pedro's incredible outing in Game 2, the bullpen got to regroup and refocus last night while the Dodgers had to dig into their bullpen in the second inning.

Hopefully we don't see Cliff Lee again until Game 1 of the World Series. The Phillies are two wins away and getting a strong start would be big for the Phillies tonight. The Yankees may be making short work of the Angels in the ALCS, and if they are going to only play a four or five game series, it'd be big for the Phillies to wrap this one up in five.

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