Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Phils force Game 6 behind Lee, Utley. Myers, Hamels confrontation

We're still here. We're still breathing.

Cliff Lee didn't have his best stuff last night, but he was still the man. So was Chase Utley who tied Reggie Jackson, New York's former Mr. October, for most home runs in a World Series. Sure, the bullpen made the game terrifying, but the Phillies won and forced a Game 6 in New York. Raul Ibanez showed up with a blast to right-center that eventually was a crucial run. Let's hope he stays around for two more games.

It was a big win at home to put some added pressure on the Yankees, to win in front of their home fans. Don't think 2004 isn't somewhere in the back of the Yankees' minds. These Yankees, just a few years ago, had the greatest collapse in sports history. History repeats itself. Let's home for a win in Game 6, and then in a Game 7, anything can happen.

Pedro will look to make the Yankees his daddy, and pitching on full rest against either Andy Pettite on short rest or Chad Gaudin, give the edge to the Phils. Ryan Howard has to emerge in this series and Game 6 would be a great time for him to step up and contribute.

In the clubhouse following the game, as Brett Myers walked past Cole Hamels, he mocked, "What are you doing here? I thought you quit." A team official removed Myers to defuse the situation as Hamels responded with an expletive. I've seen a few Phillies blogs criticizing Myers for the comments on an otherwise positive night. I never thought I'd say this, but good for you Brett. Cole has been terrible, he hasn't seemed to care so much and his comments were out of line and ridiculous. Hamels should be called out for his comments. The only place for him to go is up, and maybe something like Myers said can fire Hamels up to go out and prove him wrong. If not, he can't get much worse.

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