Saturday, November 7, 2009

And so it ends

Every once in a while, teams can buy a ring.

Not to completely take the accomplishment away from the Yankees' players, who simply outplayed the Phillies during the series; but it's hard to consider them a team when they add integral pieces whenever they feel like it. But their pitchers out threw ours, and their bats knocked in more runs than ours.

The Phillies had a remarkable 2009 campaign, one that I'll remember for a long time. They really had a great season and finishing just behind the Yankees shouldn't take away from that. There were several instant classics during this postseason, especially Game 4's against the Rockies and Dodgers. They proved to be the team to beat in the National League, and that last year wasn't a fluke or luck or anything else like that. The Yankees overpowered them, as they would have done to any other NL team; but the Phillies were tremendous this season and again, the nucleus will remain intact.

Cliff Lee's option was picked up by the Phillies, obviously, and he will remain in pinstripes in 2010. The team will look into signing Lee to an extension during the season.

Brett Myers, or Kenny Powers as he referred to himself, is a free agent. Ruben Amaro Jr. informed Myers that he will not return to the Phillies in 2010. By the way, Kenny Powers is a reference to a hilarious HBO show called Eastbound and Down about a retired baseball pitcher and it was produced by Will Ferrell. If you haven't seen it, the Myers to Powers reference is not quite as funny.

The team has not yet picked up the option of Pedro Feliz. They have until Monday to do so. Amaro indicated that they may be leaning in another direction. Expect the Phils to let Feliz file for free agency while the team explores their options. If they don't find an upgrade, they will likely try to resign Feliz at a reduced price.

The following eight players are potential free agents:
Paul Bako
Miguel Cairo
Pedro Feliz
Pedro Martinez
Brett Myers
Matt Stairs
Scott Eyre- Type B free agent
Chan Ho Park- Type B free agent

These seven players are eligible for salary arbitration:
Shane Victorino
Joe Blanton
Carlos Ruiz
Eric Bruntlett
Clay Condrey
Chad Durbin
Tyler Walker

Should be an interesting off-season. The Phillies may make another run at Roy Halladay; and will most definitely improve the bullpen.

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  1. It burns and it will for a fair time but I'm so proud of this team for getting as far as they've done.