Tuesday, January 6, 2009

World Champions!!

What a way to start this blog! There are no stories of the team’s futility to freeze us throughout the winter. Those have become ancient history. Forget all your painful memories of seasons of disappointment and near depression. The city fell in love with this team, and forgetting a few bumps in the road, it seems as though they loved us back. This story takes the place of a chick flick any day, as it’s as much a love/hate relationship filled with conflict and plot twists as you’ll find. But in the end, we realized this is the girl for us, and the rest is history. So high-five a Phils’ fan at work tomorrow, because while it has been a few months since Brad Lidge threw yet another filthy slider to strike out Eric Hinske, the Phillies are World Champions and that lasts forever. Better yet, high-five as many Mets’ fans as you can, because all they have seen lately is their own futility, and they have nothing to hold over your head.

You’ve heard it a million times, but this team truly won as just that, a team. Look up and down the roster and you will find a player that had his hand in the World Series title one after another. From the players you expected it from, such as: Cole Hamels, Chase Utley, Jamie Moyer, Ryan Howard, Jimmy Rollins, Pat Burrell and Brad Lidge, to the unsung heroes shining at the right moment, like: Carlos Ruiz, Joe Blanton, Matt Stairs, Ryan Madson, Pedro Feliz, and one of the most popular men in Philadelphia, Shane Victorino; every player stepped up and came through in the clutch. All these memorable performances and moments miraculously came together to form a World Championship.

Boy, does that feel great to say. World Champions. Chase Utley shouted it once, and realized he just had to say it again, only with a little more emphasis. It truly is what we’ve waited for, so say it again and again, but be sure to delete the colorful middle word of Utley’s expression, given with a poor sense of judgment but with understandable passion and emotion that he has rarely shown during his tenure in Philadelphia.

Let the memories of this team keep you warm throughout the winter, and remember, the Philadelphia Phillies are World Champs!

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