Thursday, January 29, 2009

Beimel on Phils' Radar

Joe Beimel has popped up on the Phillies' radar as a potential left-handed reliever. He went 5-1 for Los Angeles last season with a 2.02 ERA. In his three years with the Dodgers, Beimel went a combined 11-4 with a solid 2.95 ERA.

Beimel would be a great addition to the bullpen, and would complement Scott Eyre nicely as two solid left-handed relief pitchers. Over the last two seasons, he has allowed just one home run. His strikeout to walk ratio is nothing to write home about, 32-21 in 2008, but although he is not a strikeout pitcher, he retires batters when he needs to.

He is certainly one of the better options on the market for the Phils. It would be great to see them aggressively pursue Beimel, and improve this already dominant bullpen.


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