Saturday, January 17, 2009

Madson rejects offer

Ryan Madson rejected a three year, $12 million deal from the Phillies yesterday. After a career year last season, Madson is clearly looking for more. This could be another case of agent Scott Boras advising a client to expect an unreasonable offer. Madson was terrific last year, and the team should make every effort to bring him back as the set-up man.

Only problem is, he's not worth elite closer money. History has shown inconsistency from Madson, and he has failed to lock down the ninth inning several times during his career when given the opportunity. He will never be a closer on this team, and other teams will hesitate to offer Madson a large deal after what was one dominant half-season. The Phillies have shown Madson a great deal of support as he struggled to find a role on this team over the years. After finally finding one, and receiving a fair offer from the team to stay in that role, he decided to either look for more money or to go to another team.

The Phillies could raise the offer to about $15 million, but beyond that, let Madson make his choice. He was important to the team last year, but not crucial. No one knows if his blazing velocity from the postseason will continue into next season, or if he will continue down an inconsistent path. Offering more money is simply a risk, and it appears unlikely the team will raise their offer by much. Sign the contract Ryan, and get ready for 2009.

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