Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Victorino close to multi-year deal, Blanton losing his mind, Durbin signs

The Phillies and Shane Victorino are hoping to avoid arbitration as they work on a multi-year deal. How close the sides are in the negotiations is not clear, but look for something within the next few days.

Joe Blanton must have lost his mind. He is seeking $10.25 million in arbitration, which would beat Ryan Howard's record $10 million awarded in a winning case last season. The Phils are offering $7.5 million. Blanton is a solid pitcher, but at the back of the rotation. How he thinks he should win a record amount of money in arbitration is beyond my comprehension. There is no way Blanton will make that much next year.

The Phillies and Chad Durbin agreed on a one-year, $2.125 million contract.

Carlos Ruiz is seeking $2.5 million while the Phillies offered him $1.7 mill. Ruiz is more than deserving on the amount he is seeking.

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