Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Phils offense explodes in Tampa, Moyer strong with cushion

The Phils sure started the road trip off with a bang last night. The Rays were bad in the field and the Phils took advantage. David Price was bad on the mound and the Phils took advantage. The Phillies put a six spot on the board in the first inning, and Jamie Moyer took advantage.

The Phillies, and Moyer could ill afford to come out and let the 6-0 turn into 6-3. Moyer came out strong and finished strong though, never allowing Tampa back into the game.

Jimmy Rollins hit into some tough luck last night. His first at bat should have been ruled a single and an error, not a two base error on Evan Longoria. Sure, a good throw would have retired J-Roll. But the official scorer didn't take into consideration the difficulty of making a good through with a speedy runner, after the fielder made a diving stop, is facing left field and has to spin and throw all in one motion to have time to nab Rollins at first.

In his second at bat, it appeared as though Rollins had a homer off the bat, or at least an extra base hit. He got under the ball just a bit and it hung up for Carl Crawford at the wall in left. Rollins just missed driving the ball out of the park.

"Big Joe Blanton" takes the hill tonight, looking to clinch a series victory for the Phils. Matt Garza opposes him, looking for some run support for a change. His losing record, 4-5, is not evident of how well he's pitched. His era stands at 3.83, and Garza gives the Rays a chance to win with every outing. Antonio Bastard0 (oh how I nearly gave into temptation while spelling his name) will close out the series, looking to emulate his first few starts of the season after a few rough recent outings. An inconsistent Andy Sonnanstine (5-7 6.60) starts for the Rays tomorrow.

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