Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hamels fired up during another Phils' loss

The Phillies have just been putrid lately. They can't hit, pitch, field or think. They are forgetting how many outs there are, not hustling on routine plays and not realizing which base to throw to. The Mets are just 0.5 games back and the Marlins stand one game behind the Phils. Interleague Play is almost over, great, but these mistakes could easier carry over to games against NL opponents. It was great to see Cole Hamels get fired up last night. It's about time someone did. Jimmy Rollins is supposed to be a leader on this team, but he's been benched and has either been hitting in the cages or just sitting on the bench, rather quietly. Chase Utley appears to be quiet as does Ryan Howard. Charlie Manuel needs to light a fire under his players' behinds, before the find themselves in third place.

Hamels' problem appears to be that he is just trying too hard. He knows his team's struggles, and that they aren't going to put runs on the board. As a result, he's nibbling more and falling behind hitters. This, obviously, leads to walks and fat pitches in hitters' counts. That curveball he threw to Kevin Millar with two strikes and two outs, was a strike. Hamels wanted it, and rightfully so, and he's put his emotions on his sleeve while barking at the umpire with his glove covering his mouth. After Millar's single and his removal from the game, he clearly and demonstratively voiced his displeasure with the home plate umpire. He was tossed from the game, not that it mattered as he was walking to the dugout after getting the hook, and issued one last sentiment to the umpire. Hamels appeared to say, "Yeah? F- you," after his ejection; and yeah, I like it. Finally a little passion shown on the field. Hamels is as much a competitor as anyone in the game, and he wanted to stay in that game and keep his team in it. So he got fired up and his emotions took over. Fine, get fired up, get angry, get pissed off. Just come back strong next time with something to prove.

The team could use some of that fire and passion right now. No more lackadaisical play. The Phillies used to pride themselves in playing the game the right way, but these last few weeks have been the exact opposite. I'd like to see J.A. Happ with some fire on the mound today, as he's struggled a bit lately.

Brad Lidge's first outing since his DL stint was a shaky one last night, giving up some hard hit balls and a few walks, even walking in a run. Hopefully this was a fluke and he can return to form when called into a save situation.

The Phillies' lineup needs to start hitting and scoring runs, and the team needs a few wins. Let's start that trend today.

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