Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ruiz injured, Marson called-up; Hamels, Phils blown out in Denver

Lou Marson's call-up comes sooner than expected, and Carlos Ruiz suffers a strained right oblique. Marson will be in Denver tonight to back-up Chris Coste. Ruiz is listed as day-to-day, and Marson's call-up is, for now, just a precautionary measure.

Ruiz has been one of the better Phils at the plate here in the early going, and losing him for an extended length of time could cripple the team in more ways the one.

On the heels of an improbable comeback victory in the series finale against the Braves on Wednesday, one reminiscent of 2008; the Phillies and Cole Hamels were blown out by the Rockies yesterday, 10-3.

We've seen this before. No one seems to know the cause of it, but this team starts slowly. They'll come around, but it'd be nice if they could find their groove soon, before they fall too far behind the hot Florida Marlins and talented New York Mets.

Hamels velocity was down, likely a cause of not enough work during the spring. He will become the old Cole again, just give him a few starts to right the ship.

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  1. Too bad for Ruiz, I hope he gets better and gets back into the lineup soon!