Monday, April 13, 2009

Harry Kalas passes away

Harry Kalas, long-time Phillies broadcaster passed away today, after collapsing in the broadcast booth prior to this afternoon's game in Washington. Harry was 73 and will be sorely missed by Phils fans everywhere. He was love-able, and he did so many things for this city and team. He was privileged enough to call both World Series victories in team history, and no one could call it like he could.

We lost a beloved member of the organization today, as his voice has filled so many of our homes nightly since 1971. Watching the Phillies will never be quite the same, and team president Dave Montgomery said it best, "we have lost our voice."


  1. When asked the popular question, "Who would you most like to have dinner with dead or alive?", I always responded Harry Kalas; and my answer will never change. I love and miss you Harry, and so does all of baseball.

  2. Harry is a legend and was a true class act. He is irreplaceable.

  3. Yet he's being replaced. Go figure.