Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Top 100 players in baseball, Chad Durbin

MLB Network ran a series, ranking the top 100 players in baseball. Seven Phillies represent the fightins' on the list:

2. Roy Halladay
25. Ryan Howard
26. Chase Utley
31. Cliff Lee
51. Roy Oswalt
71. Cole Hamels
82. Shane Victorino

Albert Pujols was ranked just ahead of Halladay at number one. Rounding out the top ten are: Joe Mauer, Miguel Cabrera, Felix Hernandez, Tim Lincecum, Adrian Gonzalez, Robinson Cano, Ryan Braun and Josh Hamilton.

Peter Gammons reported that Chad Durbin could in face rejoin the Phillies on Thursday. It appeared the Philies were content to let the durable reliever go and enter the 2011 season with the squad currently employed. Apparently, the Phillies are Durbin's first choice. He also received offers from the Texas Rangers, Tampa Bay Rays and Boston Red Sox. Boston's would like Durbin to be a starter, something he hasn't done since 2007 with the Detroit Tigers.

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