Friday, October 1, 2010

NLDS vs. Reds likely

The Phillies have clinched the top spot in the National League and selected the series starting on Wednesday, October 6. This longer, eight day series, allows the Phils to go with their big-three on the mound for the entire series. They're expected to start Roy Halladay in Game 1, Roy Oswalt in Game 2 and Cole Hamels in Game 3. That's a dream setup for any team, to start with those three and follow with Halladay in Game 4 and Oswalt in Game 5 if necessary. There won't be a baseball writer in America who could pick against the Phillies in the five-game series against a NL team with that setup.

It looks as though the Phillies will square off against the Cincinnati Reds in the NLDS. The Reds have clinched the NL Central with 89 wins and have nothing to play for this final weekend. San Francisco leads the NL West with 91 wins, but have yet to clinch their division. Their magic number is one. It's possible, but unlikely that the Reds will catch the Giants for the second best record in the NL. Unless San Diego catch the Braves, who hold a two game lead in the Wild Card, the Phillies would face the Reds. If San Diego catches Atlanta, the Phillies would face the Padres.

This could give the Phillies some incentive to win against Atlanta this weekend. Odds are, they'd much rather face a struggling Padres team than the Reds. The last time the Phillies faced San Diego was on the road, and the Phillies swept them when they were the best team in the NL at the time.

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