Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nyjer Morgan is bad for baseball

Nyjer Morgan , you are an idiot. Morgan is a little punk and his behavior in Major League Baseball should not be tolerated. He should be suspended for the season, before he injures a player who actually has a chance to go to the postseason.

Morgan is currently appealing a suspension for drilling a fan with a baseball in Philadelphia. He had an ongoing war of words with a heckler in the stands. After an inning, he fake tossed the ball and and threw it at the heckler, missed him (big shock), and hit an innocent bystander in the head while injuring him. MLB handed down only a seven-game suspension instead of pulling the clown off the field longer for the incident which could have killed someone.

On August 28, in a route over the St. Louis Cardinals (a playoff contender) Morgan was coming in to score without a throw. He charged full speed at St. Louis catcher Bryan Anderson, who was standing well in front of the plate. Morgan crashed into Anderson from behind, jarring him and knocking his glove off of his hand. Morgan, the genius, missed the plate and was called out on the play when his teammates had to grab him and physically push him back toward the plate behind he had no sense to touch the plate himself. Anderson remained shockingly calm during the incident.

On August 31, Morgan was trying to score against the Marlins when the throw easily beat him to the plate. He drilled into Florida catcher Brett Hayes. Hayes now has a separated shoulder.

Last night, Chris Volstad retaliated by hitting Morgan. Being the cocky player he is, Morgan stole second and third and eventually scored. His next time up, Volstad threw behind Morgan and he charged the mound. He got in one punch to the back of Volstad's neck somehow (Morgan is about 5' 10", Volstad is about 6' 7") before Gaby Sanchez came in from first base and drilled the (expletive deleted) to the ground. Benches and bullpens obviously cleared and as Morgan was escorted off the field, he raised his arms to the crowd like he's done anything respectable all year.

He's horrible for baseball and should be suspended for the season. Morgan is an absolute joke. The Washington Nationals should be embarrassed.


  1. Now this guy is getting love from people in Milwaukee. "He's energetic", they say. He's a fucking tool. The Brewers players love him now. What a fucking joke. Somebody please end this Nygger's, I mean Nyjer's career. lol
    P.S. His psychiatrist should put him on Ritalin or Adderall too for his ADHD.

  2. Totally agree I never seen a bigger idiot in my life he is a 5 ft little punk who doesn't give a shit about the game or the fans just himself and whatever it is that he does...I'm surprised a team would even want his services...I would be sick if he ever became a phillie(but the phillies would never pick up a retard like nyger) speaking of nyger what kind of name is that anyway especially for a black guy...get rid of this pathetic nyger who calls himself a professional hahaha that's a joke!

  3. I've had it with this fucking scumbag and the ESPN lovefest for this clown. The MLB is diverse and is a great sport now. If you notice, most if not all of the other African Americans in the MLB act normal (not ghetto) and not like the primadonnas of the NFL and NBA. I can see this piece of shit starting trends for blacks like dancing while rounding third before scoring or doing some stupid celebration after every hit. He needs to be drilled in the fucking ear by Chapman of the Reds at 105mph!

  4. Hes a black eye to MLB to say the least. Not only his antics after the hit tonight but to say fuck ya on national tv multiple times is sickening out of a so called pro athlete.