Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Myers beats Phils

Brett Myers was excellent in his return to Philadelphia, beating the Phillies 3-2 at Citizen's Bank Park last night. Myers said he wanted to stick it to the Phillies after they decided to cut him loose after the 2009 season. That he did, throwing seven solid innings, allowing two runs and striking out nine.

Myers had departed the game for the pinch-hitter on the hook for the loss after Joe Blanton countered with seven innings of one run ball while also striking out nine. But Ryan Madson allowed two runs in the eighth, giving Myers the victory over his former club.

After the strange site of watching Myers take the mound at Citizen's Bank Park in an opposing uniform, it will be just as weird on Wednesday when J.A. Happ squares off against the Phils.

It feels as though the Phillies have been 2.5 games behind Atlanta for weeks now. It seems that every time the Phillies win, so do the Braves. When the Phils have a chance to gain some ground after a Braves' loss, the Phillies seem to lose too. Fortunately, the Phillies are in the division and Wild Card race.

The Phillies will look to secure a victory tonight against Houston who have been a thorn in the Phillies' side. It was announced last night that Houston, surprisingly has the best record at Citizen's Bank Park of any opposing NL team. Cole Hamels is looking to bounce back from a rare bad start tonight.

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