Thursday, September 24, 2009

How much longer can we stick with Lidge?

The Phillies cannot and will not win in the postseason without a solid, if not spectacular closer. How much longer can the team and its fans endure Brad Lidge? After blowing last night's game against the division rival Florida Marlins, Charlie Manuel said Lidge will remain closer.


He's been brutal all year. For the longest time I was on ship with Charlie in saying, "hey, look how great he was last year. He'll turn it around."

Well, it's September 24. If it hasn't been turned around yet, it's not happening. Is there an alternative? Ryan Madson has struggled in the closer's role and Brett Myers has health issues and hasn't closed a game since 2007. J.C. Romero also has health issues and hasn't closed games in quite some time either.

At this point, trying someone new is a better option than throwing Lidge out there, time after time. They all but have the division wrapped up, and now would be the time to find a good closer for the playoffs. One blown save in the postseason is huge. Look at Mariano Rivera against the Diamondbacks in game seven of the World Series in 2001. He had been dominant but one blown save cost the Yankees a World Series title. The Phillies can't afford to have anyone other than a dominant closer on the mound, and they shouldn't stand for it.

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