Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Two old goats" lead the Phils to victory

Pedro Martinez made an important stride last night; dealing with adversity. After allowing a home run to lead off the game, Pedro settled down nicely and pitched well in his home debut. Unfortunately for him, mother nation would limit his outing to three innings.

Jamie Moyer picked up where Pedro left off in the fourth, pitching an absolute gem in his first appearance out of the bullpen. Moyer's six scoreless innings to close out the game earned him the victory, and even more importantly, a moral victory for an aging "disheartened" veteran.

After the game, Pedro, always good for a quote said, "That's what you get when you send two old goats out there." A great line from a veteran that is fortunately not in denial.

Tonight's contestwith Arizona features a marquee pitching match-up of Cliff Lee and Dan Haren. Haren has never beaten the Phils in his three starts, and Lee is 3-0 in his three starts with the Phillies.

Good news for the upcoming four game series with the Mets: The Phillies will not face Johan Santana, who will pitch the series finale against Atlanta tomorrow. The Phils will throw Cole Hamels, J.A. Happ, Martinez and Lee at the Mets over the weekend. Also, Philly fan favorite Billy Wagner threw a bullpen session and could be activated for the series against the Phils. Should Wagner pitch in the series at Citi Field and get lit up, I wonder who will boo Wagner more, the Mets' fans or Phils' fans.

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