Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Leave Happ out of deal; Phils interested in Sherrill?

The Phillies appear to be calling Toronto's bluff, as they should. The Jays have to trade Roy Halladay before the deadline. Not doing so doesn't make any sense for their organization. They have a depleted farm system, and Halladay's value decreases every day that passes after Friday's non-waiver trade deadline. The Jays likely know they are going to accept less than their initial asking price if they want to deal 'Doc,' but no one can blame them for trying to get as much as possible.

I may be in the minority in not wanting the Phils to give up everything but the kitchen sink to acquire Halladay, but some things just don't add up. The point of being buyers at the deadline is to bolster the major league roster, while trading prospects and sacrificing some potential future studs.

What more does J.A. Happ need to do to prove he belongs in this rotation for the long haul? Sure, Halladay is a much better pitcher than Happ, but subtracting a quality major league pitcher to add one shouldn't be the move at this point. If Ruben Amaro Jr. wants to trade away prospects, then he should have at it.

Kyle Drabeck appears to be the real deal, so if the team really feels they have a chance to win another championship this year, build the deal around Drabeck. Outfielders are probably the easiest players to replace in baseball, so offering Dominic Brown is a no brainer and he will be included in the deal if one comes to fruition.

Lou Marson doesn't appear to have much of a future with this organization, and Carlos Carrasco is struggling in the minor leagues but could still be considered valuable to outside organizations. Those four players should be more than enough to land Halladay, and if they aren't, Halladay probably won't be traded and could be acquired for a cheaper price in the off-season.

A rotation with Halladay and Cole Hamels at the top, Joe Blanton in the middle and some combination of J.A. Happ and Jamie Moyer/ Pedro Martinez/ Rodrigo Lopez at the back seems incredible. The Phillies should be making every effort to keep the major league talent they currently employ, while looking to add a Halladay or a Cliff Lee.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Phillies' scouts watched Baltimore Orioles' closer George Sherrill pitch a scoreless inning in a non-save situation on Sunday. It's still doubtful the Phils would replace Brad Lidge as closer, but an extra late inning arm would be a welcome addition to their banged up bullpen.


  1. That would be the ideal move. Happ has been great and a playoff rotation of Halladay, Hamels, Blanton and Happ would land them back in the World Series. I am also hoping Happ stays.

  2. Definetely leave Happ out of the deal! 7-1, are you crazy Riccardi? Riccardi is the GM for the Blue Jays and wants Happ, Drabek, and Dominic Brown. Wow, horrible deal.