Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mets take game one; Chan Ho Park awful in loss

The Mets took last night's series opener, jumping on Chan Ho Park early and often, propelling them to a 7-4 victory.

Park was absolutely terrible once again. He's been brutal in his starts this season, and had trouble finding the strike zone last night. The Phils made a mini-rally in the third inning, scoring three runs, but Park allowed the Mets to take two of them right back. The Phillies have been playing from behind all season and scoring late runs, but they can't do it in every game. The Mets bullpen is also much improved, making the task that much more daunting.

I said it in spring training and I'm saying it again; Chan Ho Park should not be a starting pitcher on this team. Even if he finds a way to settle into what he typically gives a team, it still won't be all that good. He's an average pitcher with average stuff, and we can do better. J.A. Happ deserves a shot in the rotation, and should take over for Park as soon as possible. He hasn't been tremendous out of the bullpen this season, but looking at last year, he was excellent in the rotation and mediocre of out the 'pen. He's a starter, not a reliever. Park, on the other hand, can do both and should be used in the long relief role.

The Mets played their typical ball, scoring all their runs in the first five innings. Score on them late, you win the game; that's simply the way to beat them. Mike Pelfrey gave them a very solid start last night, turning in his best performance of the year. Meanwhile, Chris Coste continued to look lost at the plate and his years of producing at the plate are likely long gone.

K-Rod picked up the save, striking out two of the four batters he faced. He's good, but not un-hittable, and while it's concerning that the Phils are going to face him in the ninth a whole lot for the next few years, most of them had never faced him before last night. He has good stuff and a ridiculous delivery, and it takes time to get a look at him and what he's throwing. Once the Phils grow accustomed to the new Mets' relievers, expect them to put up a better fight late in games.

Look for Jamie Moyer to get the team back on track with a good outing this afternoon while the Mets are wondering which Ollie will show up. Hopefully it's the same one that's been showing up all season for them, as Oliver Perez has been awful this season. The Phillies need a good start from Moyer, as falling behind early again could be discouraging for them.

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